What we do

Our programs support our vision and mission. They're designed for professionals and students in development, education, research and training

Our philosophy is based on a community centered approach, using our engineering knowledge and resources to bridge self-identified gaps in access to community health, wellbeing and opportunity. We focus on sustained engagement to build strong relationships and best practice models, strategically deploying people to achieve long-term impact through knowledge sharing and sector building.



International Development Program

Our Field Professional Placements build sector-wide capacity using long-term relationships, knowledge sharing and education.

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Humanitarian Design Summit

A unique opportunity for university students to expand their design and development knowledge while engaging in an overseas educational experience.

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EWB Connect

Inspiring social value creation in engineering and infrastructure development.

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EWB Challenge

A design program for primary year university students coordinated by the EWB Challenge team and delivered in partnership with universities around the world.

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Stories of Indigenous Engineering

Facilitating improved access for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to appropriate engineering services and employment opportunities.

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Research Program

Empowering academics and students to use their skills and passion to develop research briefs presented by disadvantaged communities both within Australia and overseas. 

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School Outreach

Inspiring primary and secondary students to become the next generation of engineering and technical professionals.

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Link Festival

A 2 day conference bringing together Australias leading and emerging social innovators and future makers.

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Journal of Humanitarian Engineering

Disseminating evidence-based, peer-reviewed research, with the aim of improving best practice in the field of international development. 

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EWB Community

Empowering engineers to tackle real-world global social and environmental challenges.  

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ATEC* Biodigesters

ATEC* Biodigester’s are a piece of appropriate technology that combines manure or kitchen waste with water to create fertilizer and gas for cooking  

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Study Tours

Themed tours offer emerging and established technical professionals the opportunity to gain intensive exposure to issues in a developing world context.

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There are always opportunities for you to participate in our programs. Check for available volunteer or staff positions, become a member, write a research paper or go on an overseas professional field placement.

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