Our Impact

EWB was founded in Australia by local engineers and now has 2,000 active members and 15,000 supporters across Australia. Our diverse membership is defined by 41% female members, bucking the current Australian engineering participation rate of 11%.

We are the only dedicated organisation in Australia that connects STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) professionals with local communities, industry, the education sector and government to address social and environmental issues.

We measure the success of our Organisational Strategy against a range of reach and impact metrics. Here are some of the key statistics regarding our work:


In mid-2015, we conducted a broad reflection survey of our entire membership database between 2010 and 2015. The results surprised us - check out a summary of the results.

Our members suggest that "Our most strategically aligned and impactful program is International Volunteer Placements" - Response to EWB Member Reflection Survey, June 2015 

"[EWB's Member Engagement session at National Council] definitely made me think about my nationhood, my Aboriginal heritage and wanting to find our more" - EWB member who attended National Council, July 2015  

Community members in Ghorka District, Nepal,  discuss water safety plans and their impact. Photo: Dani Barrington, 2012


Our environmental footprint

Our Environmental Sustainability Policy covers areas such as energy, waste and travel.

Collecting information about our consumption patterns enables us to develop sustainable practices and continually reduce our impact.

The key results of our Environment Footprint Assessment in 2013/14 include: