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EWB is engineering a better world by empowering all engineers to act as leaders, problem solvers and social change agents.

We are dedicated to partnering with organisations that share our commitment to humanitarian engineering and engage in socially and environmentally responsible business practices.


Gemma Arthurson, Environmental Engineer at GHD was the GHD corporate representative on the EWB 2014 Dialogues on Development Murray Darling Basin Study Tour.

"The EWB Study Tour gave me the opportunity to learn about the rural and Indigenous sides of Australia I hadn’t previously had much exposure to. Read more...”

Peter Bowtell, Arup Principal, outlines the philosophy behind Arup’s Partnership with EWB Australia.


"As an engagement platform, the EWB Partnership gives us access to projects that leverage EWB’s synergy with water, education, the built environment and other opportunities aligned with our values and corporate social responsibility program. Read more..."


Our Corporate Partners' employees enjoy access to a wide range of EWB's programs, including:

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