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Becoming a member with EWB Australia has changed (for the better!).

EWB Australia members have shown great commitment to our work and allowed us to plan ahead and create sustainable impact. In 2019 we conducted a review of the EWB Australia membership structure, and found that membership engagement was decreasing - this is the opposite of what we wanted. We want more people on this journey with us.

While people were happy to give money and volunteer, there was no real tangible benefit to a ‘membership’. As such, we have decided to remove the membership fee – through our research, we discovered that it was a barrier to getting more people involved.

Instead, our focus will be on engaging with our movement in two ways:

We will be sharing more opportunities to volunteer with our network shortly. Register to volunteer and we will keep you up-to-date.

Individuals donors are a critical source of funding that enables us to do our work. We encourage those supporters who were once paid members to become a Regular Giver, in lieu of what was the membership fee. Unlike the membership fee, this contribution is tax deductible - you can donate here.

Constitutional Voting Rights

A small number of our historical members were keen to maintain a voice in the constitutional governance structure of EWB. Those interested in having a voice at our AGM, or wish to hold a position on the Board, must pay a $10 annual fee to secure voting rights.
This fee covers the administrative costs to facilitate this process. You can become a voting member here.

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