Partners announced for the Broome professional Intensive
BlogPartners announced for the Broome professional Intensive

In August 2019, EWB Australia will implement its first Australian on-country professional skills “Intensive” – an unique eight-day fully immersive professional and personal learning experience. The Intensive will gather a diverse, multi-disciplinary group to work together in achieving real, positive social impact for the Broome community in Western Australia. EWB will partner with Nyamba Buru Yawuru and Community Housing Limited to focus on a very specific infrastructure project.

The Broome Intensive aligns with EWB’s commitment to Engineering On Country, and will support Nyamba Buru Yawuru and Community Housing Limited to develop a concept design and vision for an innovative youth accommodation and training complex that will provide a much-needed base to engage and support young people in Broome. The centre will facilitate life skills learning, enable young people to engage in training and employment, as well as support them to enter private rental accommodation or home ownership.

About Nyamba Buru Yawuru (Yawuru) Yawuru are the traditional owners of the Broome region. Fundamental to Yawuru’s commitment to family, community resilience and resourcefulness is its commitment to rebuilding and re-connecting to Yawuru traditional culture. For Yawuru their commitment to a strong community where individuals can thrive and prosper goes hand in hand with cultural strength. Yawuru leaders have described this approach as Yawuru modernity, where individual responsibility and ambition to succeed and create wealth to be passed on to the next generation is intricately connected to Yawuru people’s connection to their cultural traditions and identity. Nyamba Buru Yawuru is charged with the responsibility to drive prosperity for the benefit of the Yawuru Community and is committed to a vision of an inclusive and sustainable future which empowers Yawuru and other Aboriginal people to become active and prosperous participants in the regional economy.

Broome Intensive participants will have the opportunity to learn about Yawuru traditional culture and their vision for the Broome region and their country through immersive cultural awareness training, local site visits, engagement activities and cultural experiences led by members of the local community. Members of the community and organisation will also join the design and visioning process with the participant team during the program. The Broome Intensive will enjoy traditional meals and foods, with additional catering provided from Yawuru’s onsite café.

About Community Housing Limited (CHL) CHL is an experienced community housing provider and currently delivers the Transitional Housing Program in Broome which supports young people looking to move into home ownership. CHL shares the commitment to reducing inequality and social disadvantage by facilitating projects that create opportunities for more sustainable vibrant communities. All community development projects reflect the aspirations of the community and provide opportunities for better health and wellbeing, economic and employment outcomes. CHL is committed to providing authentic community development projects that focus on increasing community participation in a way that highlights the ability of the community to take control and make meaningful decisions around their future. All projects strive to create opportunities to strengthen community identity and reduce dependency on welfare.

EWB Australia has been working in partnership with CHL for several years supporting remote and regional Indigenous communities with access to knowledge and expertise of the engineering and professional services sector. Broome Intensive participants will have the unique opportunity to gain insight and learn from CHL staff about the infrastructure development ecosystem in the Kimberley region, roles of relevant stakeholders and how CHL’s participatory community development approach builds capability and leads to sustainable, self-determined outcomes.

EWB Australia’s Professional Intensives program is designed as an immersive professional development experience that incorporates the opportunity for work-integrated learning - in turn supporting our community development work in Australia and overseas.

Through partnerships and collaboration, EWB Australia creates social value and supports communities to meet their aspirations through developing skills and capability, connecting networks, sharing knowledge and supporting the development of appropriate, sustainable and enabling infrastructure. Registration for the Broome Intensive is now open. Find out more or register here.