Engineering on Country: the roadmap forward
BlogEngineering on Country: the roadmap forward

As a movement, we have collectively committed to addressing the deep inequalities faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people –at EWB Australia, we call this our ‘Engineering on Country’ commitment.

Your belief and support of a people-first engineering sector working towards positive, sustainable impact enabled us to engage an Indigenous owned consulting firm to co-develop our Engineering on Country strategy (thank you!). The draft strategy is shaped as a five-year journey, designed to create a cumulative effect of growth, learning and program revision.

This roadmap will ensure we deliver engineering outcomes and solutions within the context of local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, knowledge, customs and story – because we believe all relationships thrive on a two-way sharing of knowledge and culture. Here we share a sneak-peek of the five year overview, which commences in July 2019:

Year 1 – transition from being reactive to being intentional and to look at engineering solutions within a broader scope of work. Develop an opportunity map clearly defining partners and communities and future program activities, alongside a mobilisation plan to build a structured approach to harnessing pro bono and volunteer resources.

Year 2 – build partnerships with Indigenous-owned businesses and industry partners focussed on Engineering on Country, ensuring we are ready to mobilise.

Year 3 – expand our sphere of influence, expand our geographic presence and increase project responses with increased levels of sophistication.

Year 4 – our Engineering on Country program reaches a level of maturity and sophistication in developing community-centred solutions in the context of local culture, stories, expertise and Country.

Year 5 – incorporate new learnings, thinking and innovation into a revised version of our Engineering on Country program.

We are working closely with the consultants to operationalise the plan and understand how to best embed it, before launching in September.  We look forward to sharing future updates and our impact with you.

To connect with our Engineering On Country Lead, please contact: Kim Axworthy - Engineering On Country Program Manager - via email or LinkedIn.