CEO reflection - 12 months in
BlogCEO reflection - 12 months in

It has been 12 months since I joined EWB Australia and in that time, we have started to ask ourselves 'why are we here?', and explore what is most important to our movement. 

It is about ensuring communities have a better quality of life and that no one gets left behind.

The ecosystem of EWB Australia is so powerful, and through our movement of engineers who think about sustainability, and think about people first, we are starting to see real impact.

As we start to focus on our 2020-and-beyond strategy planning, we are asking ourselves, "how do we do ourselves out of a job?". Because then, we know we have had impact.

I reflect on my first 12 months as CEO in this short video. Thank you for your continued support of EWB Australia.


Pictured: EWB Australia CEO Eleanor Loudon speaks with Saem Vorn about her household water usage [Cambodia, February 2019].