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Engineers Without Borders Australia’s determination to increase both the size and quality of its impact is the motivation and intention behind the extensive journey we have undertaken in creating our Engineering a Better World 2020 Strategy.

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The story, aims and objectives contained in these pages reflect our values, mission, culture and determination as an organisation.

This strategy represents our intent to create a better world. We ask to be held accountable for our actions. We encourage feedback and response from our stakeholders and we believe this strategy articulates our excitement in working with the sector to engineer a better world.



External Aims

Aim 1: Solutions for Social Change - We will enable appropriate solutions to alleviate poverty and accelerate inclusive, sustainable development through engineering and technology.

Aim 2: Redefining Engineering - We will redefine engineering as a community centered profession that provides leadership in the creation of a more sustainable and inclusive world.

Aim 3: A Global Movement - We will inspire and mobilise a global community in engineering for social change.

Internal Aims

Aim 1: Investing in Our People - We will invest in our people and build our culture of passion, purpose and impact.

Aim 2: Transforming our Systems - We will Improve the impact of our work and the systems and tools we use to support our operations.

Aim 3: Growing our Resources - We will increase our financial and social capital.

Aim 4: Increasing our Profile - We will build our profile, influence and support base.