ipshita dewan

international program officer

Belonging to an indigenous community named Chakma which occupies the hills of southeast Bangladesh, Ipshita always dreamt of working towards social change, community development, gender advocacy and human rights.

She received an AusAID scholarship that brought her to Australia and completes a Bachelor degree in Business at The University of Queensland. After graduating, an opportunity arose where she found herself working with two UN agencies in Bangladesh. As part of her role in those UN agencies, Ipshita worked with thirteen indigenous communities of southeast Bangladesh in gender advocacy, community development and sustainable agricultural programs.

She recently graduated with a Masters in International Development from La Trobe University that had brought her back to Australia, after which she worked in various global health programs in the Asia Pacific region.

Being a foodie and a coffee lover, you will find her in various alleyways of Melbourne exploring different flavours of Melbourne and cafes.  When she is not exploring food, she can be found exploring different hiking trails around Victoria."