anna cain

volunteer outreach lead

Anna chose a career in engineering because of the potential to contribute positively to solving global issues. For the past seven years she has worked in the renewable energy industry supporting Australia's transition from fossil fuels to clean energy which is a fundamental part of Australia's contribution to addressing climate change and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Anna is committed to creating a more just world. At University, she founded WIRE-Women In Renewable Energy, an industry-linked student society supporting women participating in sustainability-focused engineering fields. She has served on WaterAid's Sydney fundraising committee, is a Youth Off the Streets Food Van volunteer and a tutor with Sudanese Australian Integrated Learning (SAIL) and for the last few years was the Clean Energy Council Utility Solar Directorate Chair.

Inspired by EWB's philosophy of strength-based partnerships focused on two-way knowledge sharing and capacity building, Anna has contributed to a range of EWB initiatives. Anna loves being part of EWB because "the organisation, driven and shaped by its members, provides me with resources, training, networks and opportunities that inspire and empower me to implement my engineering projects using innovative and human-centred approaches that are ultimately more effective. Being a member of EWB makes me a better engineer." EWB's membership is what makes EWB amazing and she can't think of a better way to contribute to this than by supporting EWB's active members to contribute to EWB's vision of a world where all people have access to a life of opportunity, free from poverty.

Anna holds a B Eng (Hons) from UNSW, and grew up on Danghutti country on the mid north coast of NSW.