Heidi Michael

Director International Programs

Heidi holds a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Engineering and a Master of Water and Waste Engineering in Development, and first became involved with EWB as a research student in 2006. In 2009 she served as an EWB Field Professional in Timor Leste for a year, and has experience in engineering consultancies in Melbourne and of working with a US Government funded program in Timor Leste. She was appointed to coordinate EWB's International Program in 2013, managing and overseeing EWB's DFAT funded programs in WASH, Energy, Appropriate Housing, and Professional Skills Development across the Asia Pacific region.

In her spare time, Heidi strives for balance in her life, most particularly honing her juggling skills, pursuing creative interests that are lacking skill but boast plenty of enthusiasm such as drawing and photography, and having some good conversation with friends and family. She doesn’t mind challenging herself with a fun run now and then too!